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    Bartlett Summer show Highlights

    Nkiru Jun 29 '08 7

    I'm working in London for the summer so I was able to pop down to the Slade School of Art, where the Bartlett Architecture School hold their summer show every year. Peter Cook is no longer the dean of the school and I am tempted to say, things are changing there. Not for the better or worse, the school is just taking a very, very slow curve. Overall the quality of the work is outstanding as usual but, as ever and as everywhere CADCAM seemed to take a stronger hold on the output of work this year. There where many an intensely lazer cut model and more than a few 3d prints which I believe to be a recent thing at the school. But the design ideas and solutions behind the methods of representation were incredibly well thought through, inventive, ingenious, cheeky, brave, fun and (entirely unaffordable but!) very inspirational. The show ended on saturday but I think you can get a copy of the catalogue on amazon perhaps.











    • Tim DoTim Do
      Jun 29, 08 1:53 pm

      very exciting work. do you have more on flickr?

      Jul 1, 08 4:32 pm

      Great work - Where can I get the catalog in the US?

      Jul 1, 08 8:11 pm

      That section/model/wall hanging is nice

      Jul 2, 08 5:38 pm

      yeah i also like the section/model/wall hanging thing

      Jul 3, 08 12:46 pm

      3rd the section model. looks 100% hand made too...

      Chris HildreyChris Hildrey
      Jul 3, 08 4:40 pm

      Great pictures, Nkiro. This year was my first Bartlett show and it's great to see when all the hard work comes together. I liked what has been dubbed the 'section/model/wall hanging' thing too - it was an undergrad's final project. A courthouse if I remember right.

      If you're interested, I've just finished the unit 22 website It's got an overview of our work in U22 from the last 4 years, including the wooden model in the 6th picture by one of our 5th years, Gemma. We won best in show this year too, so do check it out!

      All the best,

      Chris H

      Jul 7, 08 11:48 pm

      i think that model by Gemma is great...i also like the tuning pegs...

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