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    bowling_ball Sep 18 '08 3

    Although this year seems to be starting out a little more slowly (slower?) than last, I've still been putting in the hours.

    Our first warm-up project of the year was to 'map' our dwelling consumption. Or something like that. My interpretation and expression went over well despite my own reservations.

    Our second project, the one I'm working on now, is to make a machine that calculates.... well, something. Something related to site and dwelling. Air quality. Shadows. Light. Temperature. Etc. My take on it, related to my first project, is to make a machine for calculating travel, rhythm, movement, motion...... And obviously it's not an odometer, it will be some other kind of animal. Think of it as a qualitative measuring device. But I've apparently been tasked with not only designing my own measuring tool, but also designing how exactly all 13 devices come together as one sort of quasi-unit. I think my background in industrial design will help, thankfully!

    Each device is being brought to NYC and Toronto, and presumably assembled on site. It will take measurements and spit out all forms of output. Then it will be packed up and brought back to studio.

    I don't think my explanation does the project any real justice. When I get something more concrete produced, I'll post about it here.

    I promise that this blog is going to get a lot more exciting in the next few entries. My life is absolutely upside down right now! And my car windshield got smashed in with a golf ball today while I was consoling a fellow student. I'm not sure I believe in karma anymore!


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