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    Living Legends: Social Space

    Nikhil Shah Mar 25 '08 0

    Hertzberger was probably the most famous architect to have come by while I've been in school. In relation to the previous lectures that have come through this year, I don't know if I can say it was worthwhile beyond the name. In the context of a lecture, that is. Talking to him in person earlier was much more fascinating.

    The lecture was titled Social Space, and focused mostly on the importance of social interaction in living and development(specifically with the Montessori schools). The lecture started off with the more general organizational ideas, such as the building being a microcosm of the city(Central Beheer Offices) to more specific instances such as the signature Hertzberger stairs and alternating balconies. He spoke a lot about addressing conditions, and a lot against the idea of architect as artist.

    So, good.

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