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    Nikhil Shah Mar 17 '08 6

    Boullee aint got shit on me. Image link goes to flickr page.

    The project dealt with a smokestack from the demolished juvenile delinquency hall about 3 miles from school, the program a theater with cinemascope. I chose to focus on the ritual of breaking into movies, and how to address this act of transgression by translating precedence(Romulus/Remus) into situation. The crit was mostly discussion(the whole, not just my project), which was good.

    Moving on...



    • Apurimac
      Mar 19, 08 5:56 pm

      Cocky, but impressive.

      Mar 20, 08 5:39 pm

      not sure if you're being completely serious or not but...

      considering you completely copied his drawing aesthetic, i'd say he has a lot on you...

      otherwise, they are nice drawings.

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Mar 22, 08 12:13 pm

      do that in the computer and i'll buy you a cookie.

      Apr 1, 08 4:10 am

      Interesting drawing and culling of ideals. Similar to Boullee in plan (from shear axiality), however seems to lack megalomaniac essence in the elevation of what should be, as it seems a more overt appearance of the geometrical primitive (Newton cenotaph) of which Boullee was so widely heralded. Not sure if you were going for that absence to draw contrast though.

      Cool drawings. And yeah, if you can do that on the computer I'll buy the milk.

      Metamechanic enjoyed your post on form and space...

      Apr 9, 08 4:39 pm

      Just plain cocky...

      eric chavkin
      May 16, 08 3:14 pm

      Not at all like Boulee. Boulee's visionary work was about new 'revoltionary' building types for a new social order: Museums; state Libraries; coruthouses; monuments; prisons... Scale was his style not the content. Yours could be more like speer tna boulee. why dont you invent a new building type?


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