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    Nikhil Shah Feb 16 '08 4

    The Alberto Perez-Gomez lecture was great; a lecture in the traditional sense.

    School is good, made some videos:

    Former is for studio, latter for the materials experimental class. First time doing 3d animations, it was easy but tedious. Working on orange leather/concrete?



    • atmos
      Feb 18, 08 7:47 pm

      what was your process for making the first animation?

      Feb 19, 08 10:24 am

      hi nik, which software did you use for the first video? i have some work with a very similar lighting/texture combination and i'd love to try animating it.

      Feb 19, 08 1:05 pm

      Animation was done in modo301. Each part was modeled as a separate mesh and then keyframed individually.

      U R SUK
      Feb 19, 08 9:39 pm

      *yawn* .... typical plan = zero-degree architecture. architecture stripped of all traces of uniqueness and specificity.
      -Rem (S, M, L, XL)

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