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    Michael Speaks Lecture: Rotterdam 2007

    Nikhil Shah Sep 18 '07 4

    He didn't touch much on Rotterdam, but the lecture was haphazard and really stimulating. I've never seen the side of situationism that's kittie cats and little children.

    He's doing two workshops here today and tomorrow, hopefully there will be more structure than that in his lecture.



    • won and done williams
      Sep 18, 07 6:17 pm

      speaks is an amazing teacher, hugely influential on my thinking about architecture. i would love it if you could post more on his workshops.

      Steve FuchsSteve Fuchs
      Sep 19, 07 12:05 am

      ditto. michael is a driving force for those that want to understand architecture now. you gotta love his powerpoints :) please let us know more about the workshops. and michael if you are reading this... thanks for being such a keystone in my education. i'm re-reading a lot of what was on your suggested reading lists and incorporating some of my own readings to supplement.

      brian buchalski
      Sep 19, 07 6:17 pm

      michael speaks pointed at my shoes when he was explaining the emergence of the concept of "cool"...that was hugely influential on my ego and definitely changed my life. i knew that sitting in the front row would eventyally pay dividends.

      o d b
      Sep 22, 07 3:09 pm

      steve fuchs,

      i am interested in seeing the reading lists that you refer to. could you post those sometime, or send them via email if you do not want them to get out to the masses?


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