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    Vienna-University of Applied Arts, Studio Prix

    ichweiB Aug 21 '07 9

    Well, in a few weeks I will be headed off to Vienna.  I anticipate learning a lot from fellow students in addition to the professors that will be there while I attend. Essentially, I will take the studio sequence there and fulfill the remainder of my course requirements by myself. The freedom of that really excites me; however, it is a little daring in that I will definitely have to stay on top of things.

    In addition to studio, the syllabus I am preparing with a professor at school goes something like this:

    1.Architecture Seminar Elective: The Avant Garde in Austria

    Research, Photographic documentation, Writing

    Austria has continually served as a center for exploration and discovery in art, design, and architecture. Academically, culturally, and in professional practice, a culture exists that continually tests the boundaries of the traditional and ordinary. The purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding of these influences through various analysis of specific topics:

    Influence of the Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
    (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
    Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst /Gegenwartskunst
    (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts)
    Various Architects in the city that are an active part of the avant garde in Austria

    2.Elective/Independent Research: Urban Patterns in Europe Old & New

    Writing, mapping/modeling

    As a continuation of studies in Urban determinants (John Zemanek) and Seeking the City (Tom Colbert + Bruce Webb) the goal of this course is to gain an understanding of the determinants that have made the city in Europe what it is and how it is continually evolving today through the analysis of urban form, patterns, and compositions displayed in specific cities

    Specifically, the goal is to analyze the various forces (political, social, economic, etc…)that have shaped the city in Europe as a comparison to the US city studied in Seeking the City and in Urban Determinants

    Scales Considered: Human (architectural scale)
    Urban (macro)

    The final product would be a board/digital presentation of mapping, diagram modeling, photography and writing about my findings

    3.Elective Independent Research: Materials & Details in Cold Climates

    through case study, modeling, and photographic documentation

    colder climates such as Austria’s and surrounding cities require specific attention to the materiality and detailing of its architecture. The goal of this course is to gain an understanding of the specific materials, applications, and detailing required for the built environment in this climate.

    The process would include case study documentation of specific built works that have addressed these issues and would then include models and drawings of the various components research in addition to photography of the specific components

    4.History (Post 1750): A criticism of Coop Himmelblau
    (In addition to the Avant Garde in Austria)

    Writing, photography

    The Office of Coop Himmelblau has acted as a laboratory for exploration and discovery in Austria and surrounding areas in Europe. Its architectural form has been among many associated with the Avant Garde in Austria. The goal of this course is to research the firm’s work and then write about specific projects and their influence in addition to what has influenced their work as well.

    This was a first "go" at typing out my thoughts/ideas about what it is I am interested in studying. I am up for suggestions. Some of the titles will get a lot more specific as it will be necessary to clearly define my objective for syllabus review.




    • LameArc
      Aug 21, 07 11:50 am

      Sounds like an interesting schedule. I will actually be in Studio Lynn this Fall, coming from SCI_Arc. good luck man.

      Aug 21, 07 1:53 pm

      Hey that is great. Good luck to you too. When are you planning on going?
      We're leaving around September 15th: Nashville>Chicago>Paris>Vienna...

      Aug 21, 07 7:58 pm

      Im leaving that same weekend. LA>frankfurt>copenhagen>amsterdam/rotterdam >brussels>paris>barcelona>vienna
      Im going a little crazy. gonna do the whole 'europe in 2 1/2 weeks' kinda thing.

      Aug 21, 07 11:59 pm

      Yeah. That is the way to do it.
      Aug 22, 07 10:18 pm

      no, the way to do it is a month here, a few weeks there...

      you should look at spending some offtime in the western part of austria, around bregenz. more of the buildings that you might be looking for climate specific architecture (baumschlager + eberle, dietrich|untertrifaller, etc.)

      Aug 23, 07 10:44 am

      thanks for the info...that will be helpful for the research I am hoping to accomplish

      Aug 23, 07 10:44 am

      thanks for the info...that will be helpful for the research I am hoping to accomplish

      Oct 11, 07 3:04 am

      Hi there,

      Can I ask you a few questions about the course work at UOAA, Vienna?

      I know that UOAA offers a 5 yr Masters degree course, but it is not separated into like say 3 yrs of bachelor + 2 yrs of professional masters degree like in the states of some other european schools. In you case, did you finish your degree at Houston already? How many years would you need to study over there now?

      Would you mind sharing your experience over at UOAA so far, and maybe your views about its strength and weakness?

      Thank you!

      Oct 14, 07 8:36 pm

      Adding to poison79's previous comment, I too am interested in the Angewandte. I have a preprofessional 4 year degree from a u.s. university and am looking for european programs for master's. Can one apply directly to this school or does one have to already be a current student at a master's program? Also, do you know if it's possible to enter directly into the 4th year? For the entry exam and application, it appears as though it occurs directly b/f the semester starts. That's a bit sudden. Okay, one more...would you say room and board over there is expensive?

      Thanks in advance. Would appreciate any info.

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