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    Angewandte Guest Review: The Bartlett Interactive Architecture Workshop

    ichweiB Mar 14 '08 1

    per email from school:

    Students of The Bartlett Interactive
    Architecture Workshop (unit 14), led
    by Prof. Stephen Gage, Phil Ayres and
    James O'Leary, will be presenting
    studio work in progress (*).

    Critics will include staff of both
    Bartlett School and Angewandte

    11:30 introduction (Prof. S. Gage)
    12:15 M.Sc.-Projects (2)
    13:15 lunch
    14:15 Diploma-Projects (7)
    18:00 gallery visit (Färbergasse 6)
    interactive installations

    (*) work in progress means the projects that
    students of the studio are currently doing;
    they are halfway through their year which
    ends late june 08.



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    • neceth
      May 24, 08 2:01 pm

      Hi, I know you have been asked this question several times but, is the program at applied arts only a masters program or is it a 4 year undergrad and 2 year masters program? I am currently finishing up a 5 year undergrad in the states and looking into masters programs so any information you can give me would be great.

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