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    I got second place-I get to choose a book-Ideas Please

    ichweiB Feb 15 '07 26

    I got second place for my symphony poster design. Anyhow, the Dean is paying for each of the four finalists to get any architecture book they want. We're going with our studio professors after studio today.

    I'll take suggestions.



    • Steven WardSteven Ward
      Feb 15, 07 10:56 am
      Feb 15, 07 11:00 am


      pick something really big and expensive, like an el croquis combo issue...

      Feb 15, 07 11:08 am

      ^nice marlin. i didn't see that before i posted... definitely give that a try, Michael. otherwise, by 'el croquis combo' i mean something like these: 1, 2, or 3
      Feb 15, 07 11:16 am

      my school did this once, and then backed out. i think all the winners got a scholarship instead. pansies.

      peter zumthor works or a+u extra addition
      zumthor therme vals
      sverre fehn works, projects, writings
      morger + degelo monograph
      dieter kienast monographs ('scaper)
      concrete, masonry, or steel construction manuals (birkhauser)
      the forthcoming glenn murcutt book by frampton
      corb - polychromie architecturale by arthur ruegg
      aldo rossi: drawings + paintings 81-91
      any of the herzog + de meuron monograph books
      carlo scarpa architecture atlas
      walter pichler monographs
      lewerentz monograph
      rammed earth by martin rauch

      i suggest perusing around some of the online bookstores like william stout

      Feb 15, 07 11:20 am

      I'm with AP: go with an El Croquis combo volume. They'll probably balk at the corb box set, but hey, you didn't make the rules and the dean did say "any book". Besides, they'll be proud of your nod to the mod.

      Feb 15, 07 11:45 am

      And im w/Marlin: Le Corbusier : Complete Works in Eight Volumes.
      or, some architectural drawings details book (would be helpfull at pro life)....

      i dunno, nothing also really exciting about books latelly...well i've heard good crits of the new MONEO book analizong the work of ohter 4 or 6 or 8?? contemporary offices

      croquis...mmhhh yeah could be, OMA, H&dM, SANAA, thats it no?? anyone else good?? ha!

      by the way CONGRATS!

      Chili Davis
      Feb 15, 07 12:25 pm
      Arnaud M.
      Feb 15, 07 12:42 pm
      Feb 15, 07 1:23 pm

      i will go for a medieval copy of the bible... if u can get one from the Vaticane archives better.....

      or some Hollywood mistress little black book ;) (thats where u can get clients)

      he said any book right?? i mean he dont want to seem like the Dean who doesnt back up his promesses right??, make him work for it, he earns out of ur tuition anyways (so he's money is actually ur money)


      Feb 15, 07 1:26 pm

      get GR(O)UND book by Lebbeus Woods, i have aproject in that one... i can sign it for u, priceless (HAHAHAHA, im losing it sorry)

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Feb 15, 07 1:28 pm

      Yea the complete set of Detail would be nice

      otherwise the Corb could really show off with that one

      Feb 15, 07 1:37 pm

      Anyone else catch the pricetag on that Zumthor monograph Chili posted?

      Chili Davis
      Feb 15, 07 1:40 pm

      That's the 1st ed.
      Feb 15, 07 1:56 pm

      even the a+u extra edition is creeping up there. william stout used to sell it for $70, now it's $500.
      I saw a signed copy of the zumthor works on sell for $9,000. astounding.
      petey's gotta have 70-80 copies stashed away that he sells for a few grand occaisionally when he is short on cash for his interns.

      A Center for Ants?
      Feb 15, 07 5:21 pm

      these are all really UCLA type books but this is what's in my amazon shopping cart:

      phylogenesis - foa

      contested symmetries - preston scott cohen

      atlas of novel tectonics - reiser

      UN Studio

      Feb 15, 07 5:22 pm

      Anarchitecture: Architecture is a political act, by Leb. Woods, its around the $200 / $300 range. I already scanned the whole copy we have downstairs at Avery...

      Feb 16, 07 12:24 pm

      I like how architects discuss books the same way other guys talk about sports and cars.
      Feb 16, 07 3:40 pm

      so what'd you get?

      Erin WilliamsErin Williams
      Feb 16, 07 6:55 pm

      I would get the Atlas. Actually, that's come down in price a lot from what I remember. Does anybody else remember when people were shelling out $300 for those suckers?

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Feb 17, 07 9:45 am

      Graphic Standards, its only a $300 book or even better Professional Handbook by the AIA I think that's even more...

      it they can't argue you're being ridiculous, the other books they could, but there is nothing subjective about those two books.

      Feb 17, 07 12:51 pm

      there's a great renzo piano monograph that just came out for $100 if you're into that sort of thing.

      otherwise, the duo set of "details of modern architecture" by ed.... i'm blanking on his name is an excellent choice.

      otherwise, i second (triple?) the croquis combo idea.

      Feb 17, 07 12:52 pm

      also, do we get a couple pages free since we helped? ;)

      Feb 18, 07 11:19 am

      they forgot about us I guess. Thursday studio was a little crazy because we have a project due.
      I guess we'll try this coming week. Thanks for all the suggestions.

      Feb 18, 07 2:36 pm

      porn mag just for shits and giggles......

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