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    Awake is the New Sleep

    Chili Davis Feb 12 '07 3

    Hey. Long time no see. I've been busy lately. I'm currently designing an addition to a museum and library, trying to save another library, building houses in Detroit, moving, planning a wedding, and trying to get 8 hours a sleep a night on top of all that. Some needs are met, others are ignored. Mostly, the sleeping thing. Usually, this early in the semester, I can get away with sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night. Not so much. Lately it's been 5 or 6. I can just imagine what will happen come midterms.

    In studio, we have moved past a precedent study, site analysis, and block diagraming, and have moved on to mass-modeling, which I can attribute to my lack of sleep last night. Things are progressing quite well and I feel I am ready to jump into some down and dirty design work.

    In my other two courses, I just took an exam in Environmental Control Systems last week, and I have an exam in Structures 4 tomorrow. Aside from the ample homework, those two courses are going well.

    I will spare you the details of my life outside of school (though I could probably cover it in few words). Things have been busy lately. You can expect me to return to my regular posting frequency in the next few weeks. Until then, here is a random picture of Bruce Lee sleeping during a long ride.


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