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    Finally Working...

    Erik Schonsett Feb 3 '07 8

    It finally works!



    • Mark_M
      Feb 3, 07 12:24 pm

      What is it?

      I love archinect
      Feb 3, 07 4:01 pm

      hey erik what unit are you in?

      Erik Schonsett
      Feb 3, 07 4:50 pm

      Mark - It's the beginings of a debris machine. It moves across the space collecting the hiddin motions of objects. The idea is that it transferes these motions into other parts of the system.

      I Love Archinect - I'm in the M. Arch Studio (ground floor, behind the elevators). I have Phil Watson as my advisor. Stop by sometime, I'm just about always there.

      I love archinect
      Feb 3, 07 6:43 pm

      cool cool, I'm in unit 21, christine, I reside in 335, might see you around.

      Feb 4, 07 12:21 am

      be cool if it moved across the space collecting the spare change in peoples pockets! hehe.

      the silent observer
      Feb 4, 07 1:06 am

      Erik, are alot of people staying in studio?

      Feb 6, 07 10:59 am

      Hi Erik, i've applied for the undergraduate at Bartlett, did you do your Part I there too? how do you find the course?
      I've got to send them a project before being called for an interview, i'm hoping to get in if not i'll take the offer from South Bank. Any idea on how the two compare?


      Trish x

      Erik Schonsett
      Feb 6, 07 11:07 am


      I actually did my undergrad work at SCI_Arc in Los Angeles. I was introduced to the Bartett by a former professor, Perry Kulper, as well as a lecture at SCI_Arc by Peter Cook. I don't really have that much contact with the undergrad program here, but what I've seen the work is pretty amazing. I don't actually know anything about Southbank. I guess it comes doen to what youre interested in. The Bartlett is a place to let your imagination run wild. They will fully support you in your persuits. Buildings are not always the focus. I'm sure the work of the first and second year undergrads is more building focsed, but I'm not sure. The thing that they stress here is Architecture as a way of thinking and structuring the work that you are interested in. It is truely a dpecial place that is not found everywhere. Good luck! Let me know what happens.

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