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    Symphony Poster...second try

    ichweiB Jan 28 '07 16

    Here's my second shot for the Symphony Poster competition:image

    I changed the text in the background to be read as a gradiant rather than the radmon opacity changes
    in the earlier poster:




    • chupacabra
      Jan 29, 07 1:50 am

      much better. Though I would make the Play in the background the same font as the smaller text, and possibly treat the background as a gradient of text fading to the bottom as opposed to the tessellation of gray - which makes the background a bit busy.

      Jan 29, 07 2:01 am

      Thanks. That makes sense.

      Jan 29, 07 8:06 am

      Of those two examples, I actually prefer the random gradient changes one.

      Also, I lament the loss of that beautiful yellow color! The "Houston Symphony" logo is getting a bit lost in this version--could you maybe add the yellow back in and use it to call attention to the Houston Symphony logo?

      Otherwise, this looks much cleaner--the kerning is way better, thank you!--but it is also definitely more static. A bit duller than the first version.

      Jan 29, 07 9:45 am

      the gradient, I believe, works better. It also draws the eye down to the rest of the content. I think the Symphony logo is fine as it is a tertiary element.

      I still do not like the Play being a more stretched out font then the rest of the type...other than that it is looking pretty darn good.

      Jan 29, 07 10:25 am

      what happened to the PLAY arrow? I like symbols...

      Jan 29, 07 11:48 am

      sorry...what about color?

      vado retro
      Jan 29, 07 11:51 am

      ima hogg. that's funny. why is the background white???

      Jan 29, 07 11:54 am

      yeah...IMA HOGG. great name huh? Apprently, that was the name of the woman who started the symphony here-or who started a school of music. I don't know. Maybe I should do a play on a hog?

      background white? What is your suggestion? I just used white because I felt that the complexity of all the words with a color would be too overpowering

      Erin WilliamsErin Williams
      Jan 29, 07 12:26 pm

      as long as someone else has started in on the kerning..... you don't have enough space between '2008' and 'IMA'.

      Jan 29, 07 12:58 pm

      it never ends. i love architects

      Jan 29, 07 2:05 pm

      the big, multiple "PLAY" is distracting and hurts my eyes, the back ground and foreground are fighting for my there are times when it reads as "PPPPPP", "AAAAAA", and "YYYYYY"

      Jan 29, 07 4:25 pm

      kern '2008 ima hogg' to match 'young artist' and please add a slight space between young and artist....

      vado retro
      Jan 29, 07 6:58 pm

      i think it should really have a piglet on it. pigs are cute and delicious. you can't lose if you change the white and add a little piglet...

      Jan 29, 07 7:39 pm

      mmmm. piglet.

      Jan 31, 07 12:28 am

      yeah i miss the arrow, too. it was a nice reference to the play music button without being super overt...

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Jan 31, 07 4:25 pm

      vado you are making me hungry with that now. Damn!

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