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    Beyond the Blue Coop Himmelb[L]au Exhibit at the MAK + Crit with Jeffrey Kipnis and Thom Mayne

    ichweiB Dec 12 '07 1

    The past two nights have been interesting and rewarding. The Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna just opened a show displaying all of Coop Himmelb[L]au's work over the past 30+ years. Present was Prix, Kipnis (who envisioned with the curators the exhibit), the President of Austria, and the President of the MAK. If you're in Vienna over the holidays you ought to stop by and see all the work. It was a great teaching tool because not only are the final presentation models present, but many of the working models that describes the office's and Prix's design methodology.

    In addition to Kipnis, Thom Mayne was in town and both he and Kipnis came to studio this afternoon to offer any help they could for the devlopment of our projects. Two students are working on their Diploma projects so the most time was spent there which was great because we all got to hear what Kipnis and Mayne had to say about their own personal approaches. It was specifically interesting to listen to Mayne discuss his ideas as they relate to the projects being criticized.

    After the in depth discussions of Diploma work, we then discussed Studio work. By chance one of them picked up one of our group's models that were out being displayed with all the rest of the work, so for about 20 minutes or so, I being the group's chosen spokesperson, got to talk with Mayne and Kipnis about our ideas for the Istanbul project.

    I am still sifting through the notes I made after the crit trying to make sense of it all, and I'll try to get it posted to share soon. I guess most of all I am excited that sort of by chance our work got to be presented and discussed with them.

    It was interesting to me to hear Mayne discuss the importance of understanding what factors will influence the project be it:cultural, political, economic, etc...and how Architectural formalism comes much later. Earlier in the Diploma review, he made an example of how a group in Studio Hadid had all the form figured out very beautifully, but they couldn't discuss for even 5 minutes what any of it meant in terms of the various forces that typically guide and direct the processes of making Architecture.
    I guess the word "formphosis" floats around school sometimes describing Morphosis, but the reality is that formalism is not the main concern for Mayne.

    Anyhow, I am still trying to process for myself what Kipnis said. We'll see how that goes. I have notes.

    At the end, Mayne just started throwing out some potential ideas and gave examples of where we could go with out project. That was pretty cool. Alright, Later


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    • Steven WardSteven Ward
      Dec 15, 07 7:12 am

      nice to hear someone reflecting positively on their interaction with a 'star' architect. sounds like mayne and kipnis were helpful, generous with their time and their comments.

      discussions among young archs and students slag on these guys so much, but there is so much that we can learn from them. you're sounding like you'll make the most of this visit, michael. congrats!

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