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    Big Ass Column...

    Erik Schonsett Jan 22 '07 5

    Now that's one big ass column

    Victoria and Albert Museum - London



    • Carl Douglas (agfa8x)
      Jan 22, 07 4:35 pm

      You know that column has a spiral staircase inside?

      Alexander Jack
      Jan 22, 07 6:30 pm

      Did the V & A have an Architecture exhibit on display?

      Erik Schonsett
      Jan 22, 07 7:08 pm

      the V&A did have an architecture exhibit...on the 4th floor. Part of their perminent collection as well as a special section on housing.

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Jan 23, 07 6:51 pm

      agfa8x are you serious? Damn that would make for a great section

      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)
      Jan 23, 07 8:34 pm

      Piranesi drew sections of it. There's a Taschen book of his complete engravings which has it in there, I think.

      ...actually, it's a plaster cast in the V&A so they may not have bothered with the interior spaces, but the real Trajan's Column has a staircase.

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