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    im sleepy. always.

    not_here Jan 22 '07 0

    i kinda wished i haven't backed up and erased all my work from last semester.
    had a few good renders to post, so i'll have to fish through my back-up box later and get those up here.

    for now, this is what i've been working on:

    1. studio. second project.
    gotta keep those two pieces of wood locked in that orientation while one floats past the edge of the table. quick maxwell render done while i set everything up in rhino. i'd post a picture, but i left my camera at home.

    2. catia model. superbly basic. just splines. completely parametric. both are the same model with two changes in the radius parameter and the plane offset parameter that guides the distance between each of the circular segments.paramod1paramod1

    15 minute power nap is in order now.
    then back to the woodshop.

    ps, i overheard "no models next project" and i got so excited.


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