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    My First Stab at Marketing/Graphic Design

    ichweiB Jan 19 '07 10

    The Houston Symphony has held a national competition for young people for the past 31 years. This year, our studio was asked to design the posters that will go out to all the universities advertising the event. The past posters have been pretty traditional. I wanted to try to make mine a little more relevant to young people. I haven't ever really done anything like this. Of course, I use Illustrator and Photoshop for architecture boards. Anyhow, here is my first idea. I'll take any suggestions.


    The filler text could be moved around anywhere. I just put it in for now to look at it. I recognize there might be a better way to organize it.



    • Arnaud M.
      Jan 19, 07 7:17 pm

      Size it down, just so we can actually see the whole thing.

      Alexander Jack
      Jan 20, 07 12:54 am

      Or, post it to Flickr or ImageShack and link us to it....I'd like to see the entirety.

      Jan 20, 07 3:03 am


      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Jan 20, 07 7:36 am

      we're seeing two versions, aren't we? i can see all of one.

      Arnaud M.
      Jan 20, 07 8:23 am

      It's not bad at all, I like the simplicity of it. I have one comment though: One shouldn't stretch fonts either vertically od horizontally. A font is designed to have certain proportions in order to be legible. If you stretch your font, you compromise the proportions and therefore the legibility. Also, leave some space between your different text blocks. it will look better the overall typographic composition could breathe a little bit more.
      Good luck.

      Jan 20, 07 11:10 am

      I like the one with "play" at the top better--and I like the PLAY idea in general. It's not bad. I would seriously fix the kerning on the word PLAY--it is odd, and the sizing of the arrow is disproportionate to the font. Arrow looks squeezed, word is kerned badly.

      I like the color scheme, the flutist graphic, overall it has very nice balance of color and element to it.

      Jan 20, 07 12:11 pm

      So in general, it isn't a good practice to kern the letters? I guess I just liked the look it gives instead of how spread out the letter would be normally.

      Arnaud: info makes sense. thanks

      Arnaud M.
      Jan 20, 07 12:18 pm

      Kerning letters is fine, it's more a matter of visual proportion and legibility. However, kerning and spacing the line in a text block, one that's meant to be read is a very delicate move since legibility is critical for the reader. Usually spacing between lines is bigger than the font itself (usually a couple of points) and the kerning shall avoid letter to touch each other.
      In short you can play a lot with titles, but not with text blocks, except for the shape of the block itself maybe.

      Jan 20, 07 4:15 pm

      Yes, I agree with Arnaud about the text blocks. Most critical is the line spacing in those.

      As for play--it's just kerned badly. Look at how the L hits the A at the bottom right... they touch each other, but then there's a ton of space the A and the Y and then a medium amount of space between the P and the L. The arrow touches the Y but then it is squeezed into a tiny space, the visual weight of it is much smaller than the space given to the letters.

      Try moving both the L and the Y to the left and making the arrow a little bigger. Just play with it a bit--I think you'll see what I mean. Right now it looks like someone whose teeth need braces.

      Jan 20, 07 5:00 pm

      haha. yeah I see your point. thanks guys.

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