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    ARCH education summit

    Joe Apr 15 '07 2

    I just read the symposium review for the summit @ SCIarc by Orhan Ayyüce. Was there any student interest in the crowd? I was flipping through SCIarc reps' blogs, no comments. I guess final projects take precedence.



    • deluganmeisslfan
      Apr 17, 07 5:02 am

      Did you notice Max Underwood in there?

      I wonder who else was there?

      Apr 17, 07 5:45 am

      I know that my boss, Navin Pathangay was there. He was telling me about the weekend. He says it was very interesting. I guess his first studio professor was there (Nina, I believe). Also, Leslie Van Duzer. It would have been an interesting discussion to listen in on.

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