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    ichweiB Dec 13 '06 4

    Well. It doesn't look like too may people are checking out my previous entry-maybe I don't blame you. The review was pretty frustrating but also a relief. It was informal in the sense that we only had one outside reviewer. I guess that makes sense as we only spent 2.5 weeks on the project. We did have a "visiting professor" as the program said that came to help teach this final project and he was the most frustrating one. The Program was titled: Walden III:Seeking the New City, and he got into his mind this idea similar to that of FLW in Broadacre City that everyone would experience solitude and rediscover the sacred with their own piece of land. However, he neglected to consider that the program required us to develop the first phase on 16 acres and accomodate 4000 people-which implies a dense building typology. He didn't even hardly listen to ways people tried to resolve this dilemma between density and solitude and so any project that had a desne building vocabulary he immediatley shot down. So this was difficult because the program required so much, but we couldn't even use that as a basis.
    The good part was that our studio professors defended us by trying to guide him back to what the program required. I guess I should cut him some slack. He's 80 something. He was at the GSD in the good ole days. Anyhow, it was really difficult.

    Left: structures final
    put entire body of work on desk by tomorrow


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