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    Model Transport Method #223

    Aaron Westre Nov 8 '06 3

    Model Transport Method #223

    Originally uploaded by aaronwestre.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Let's hope it doesn't rain. Seen outside Rapson Hall (architecture) on the University of Minnesota campus. Minneapolis, MN, USA.



    • joshcookie
      Nov 8, 06 11:43 am

      Wow, things have really changed since I attended. Leaving your seat on your bike was just asking for someone to steal it.

      liberty bell
      Nov 8, 06 4:23 pm

      Very funny, Aaron. When I taught freshmen and assigned their first large model building project - this was for a commuter school, so very little building in studio - I told them "The first step in building your model is to measure the size of the trunk of your car - then plan accordingly".

      Nov 8, 06 10:44 pm

      oh i feel lucky to be building my stuff at the studio.

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