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    kellynsee Feb 28 '07 3

    now that i have a ton of free time, i started to move my files from my pc and laptop to cds because both arent cooperating with me anymore. while doing my deletion i stumbled upon a project given to us last year in our professional practice class. it was to design a architecture portfolio with our group being the principal architects and.. such. so we made a folder with our pictures etc. i can't help but laugh when i saw the pictures we did because we were laughing our asses off when we were thinking of how we wanted our portfolio to look like. some said we looked like an archi mafia off to scare people who didnt know who corbu was.

    mafia picture
    the partners
    of course we had to have our office
    oohh a montage.

    that's it. someday all those will come true except of course we'll be standing in front of our own projects. haha



    • David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Feb 28, 07 1:05 am

      I love the guy trying to keep his foot up on the first pic. Looks as if he's about to fall unto his ass.

      But yes very the scrowls and brooding smiles

      Feb 28, 07 4:54 am

      why not do one as a Al Qaeda Architects? that would totally rock!

      Feb 28, 07 12:20 pm

      architectnophilia: yes, we were laughing our asses off because for some reason he wanted so balance on a chair. haha. we were hoping for the "scare the clients enough so theyd hire you" or the "hire us or else your dog gets chopped" look. hahaha.

      betadinesutures: i'm not sure how well a group of asians would pull off al qaeda architects. haha as compared to the asian/chinese mafia look we were projecting.

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