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    Studio-First Pass

    Quilian Riano Oct 10 '06 7

    We are finally getting down and dirty with the program and site.

    Whats going on (from the top):
    -Trying to make a new core for harvard's allston expansion means bringing in non-harvard people as the square does accross the river. The program we are given is not enough.
    -From Arts and Science to spaces 'TO DO' collectively and individually.
    -Tower of 'to do' - spiral of collectivity - wall of individuality - field of public
    -Siting options - who the hell am i building for/environmental engagement
    -clear as mud



    • brian buchalski
      Oct 10, 06 1:13 pm

      here's my project for allston...

      build a tall (queen anne style?), imposing military wall around it and then use a trebuchet to launch bombs at neighboring enemies...

      Chili Davis
      Oct 10, 06 1:17 pm

      Nice trebuchet.

      Oct 10, 06 2:32 pm

      how far can it catapult the payload?
      I was looking for video/pictures of toilet/pumpkin chucking/flying and didn't have any luck. any links?

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Oct 10, 06 2:47 pm

      puddles et al, is this a critique? If so, what does it mean exactly?

      Oct 10, 06 3:08 pm

      i don't believe it's a critique of what you've done...perhaps it's just commentary on the harvard allston initiative, along the lines of this comment (posted to an earlier blog of yours):
      my capstone project was located in the southern part of North Allston, where that new (vacant) biomedical building just went up. I met a great local that lost his lower arm working on the train lines, complained about Harvard trying to buy everyone's houses...
      Posted by: Pixelwhore on Sep 20, 06 | 6:57 am

      not sure, just a guess.

      anyway...I'm interested in hearing more about this statement:
      "The program we are given is not enough."

      It seems you've identified the program that the site is calling for.
      If this is true, than is the given program even needed? Could you dispose of the "Science and Art Building" entirely? Could it be replaced by any other vague/generic program? Maybe these questions are invalid...

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Oct 10, 06 5:29 pm

      i like that ap, im gonna take a nap and think about it

      vado retro
      Oct 10, 06 7:13 pm

      actually the operators of the trebuchet had a dangerous go, as the longbow of the day had a range that exceded the range of the trebechet. if you'd like to know the capability of the longbow, take a look at the battle of crecy.

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