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    at night

    kellynsee Oct 10 '06 4

    it was one of those rare moments when AS (architectural science) class was cancelled. we were supposed to have a quiz that i didn't study for, and i'm petrified to death as i'm one of those people my friend calls "dyslexic in math" so we decided to get dinner instead as we were dismissed pretty early that day (6pm!)

    as we were heading home we saw this sign on a rope on the field:

    what? fireworks? so we decided to stay at the new "plaza-like" area of the school.
    lights on,
    lights off!
    the new fountain

    good thing we did!

    and these are the things we do here in the university. haha!



    • Mark_M
      Oct 10, 06 6:01 pm

      Is Santo Tomas in the Phillipines? I'am trying to study some filipino architecture and was wondering where an architectural school was located near Indang, Cavite City.

      Oct 10, 06 10:22 pm

      that's the closest architectural school youi'll find in indang cavite. what do you need indang for btw?

      Oct 11, 06 9:36 am

      I have family in that area. I will be visiting during spring break to do some sketches

      Oct 22, 06 1:10 am

      hey mark m! thats good! do visit some of the more cultural areas ok? but dont worry, yo'll have plenty of malls to go to! (now whered that come from?)

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