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    environmental technology exam + studio pin-up today.

    not_here Oct 12 '07 3

    et related studio consensus:
    where the hell were the numbers?

    studio pin-up today though.
    im pretty excited.
    i'm craving feedback (as usual).

    a small sample now (im too lazy to upload it to archinect... you guys need to code a friendlier updater.)

    purdy pictures.

    ill post a larger image in a bit. don't wanna spoil it yet.



    • David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Oct 12, 07 6:54 pm

      i'm not too sure what i am looking at, explain please

      Oct 13, 07 2:08 am

      You need to recognize that you're not doing a good job of representing the school. Either you need more text or images or something. You're always just kind of making excuses for yourself or not offering anything substantial to consider because you think you'll come across as uninteresting? But you always toss these little tidbits without must else to grab a hold to.

      brian buchalski
      Oct 13, 07 10:15 am

      yeah, as student blogs go this one is pretty shallow

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