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    the blossoming relationship i have with the laser cutter

    kirabelle9 Oct 9 '06 3

    u of i might be behind on this bc i know other schools have had a laser cutter for a few years now, but we just got a couple this year. and oh man, i fell in love at first use.

    the first date i had with the laser cutter was accompanied by the lab tech.. kind of awkward, but i guess he had to monitor us at first. but all went smoothly.. it ended well, and i knew there were going to be many more dates after that. and boy was i right. i kept going back to it, and as my site model was nearly finishing i knew that our relationship was soon coming to a temporary end. until the next review when i need to make other models...


    a detail of one of the buildings

    labeled street names

    i keep the remains of our past..

    so, aside from all that, i have my first thesis review tomorrow. its mostly to present the research we've found and our preliminary design concepts. heres a little taste of my boards- i kept out site analysis, precedent studies, and those types of research.

    (seen below are boards 1, 8, and a portion of 10 out of 10)




    i hope you can read the intro board. it explains the scope of my project.

    wish me luck... =T


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