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    ADT vs. Revit

    solo Oct 6 '06 1

    I've been using Autodesk Architectural Desktop for some time now and I've found it to have a pretty smooth work flow. A lot of guys in my studio have been using Revit and have been trying to convince me to look into it for the past year. I'm told it has a similar work flow and transition into 3d modeling. Besides not really wanting to take the time to learn a new software right in the middle of thesis, would anybody happen to know if it'd be worth learning in the near future?


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    • b3tadine[sutures]
      Oct 6, 06 11:02 pm


      not just saying that, but autodesk is set to drop the adt and in fact i think their resellers aren't even pushing it anymore.

      now revit may not be the future per say, as there are other packages, it's just that tool that most offices are moving to and have told me on several occasions - 5 years away from full integration.

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