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    Spring Break...Almost

    ichweiB Mar 6 '07 1

    Today: Materials & Methods Mid Term
    Wednesday: Crit (model and drawings)
    Friday: Quantitative Environmental Systems Mid Term

    A busy week indeed. I finished a model this weekend. It's huge. The requirement for the crit was a 1"=50', but I did 1"=20' because I wanted to look at it in greater detail. It's for the Museum of Steel competition going on for Pittsburgh.

    Since I had it finished early, and due to its size making it stick out rather vividly on my studio desk, I got a crit with one prof. whom I appreciate a lot. He is Austrian and worked with Gunther Domenig for a long while and I think worked on some Morphosis projects. Anyhow, he had positive things to say about it.

    The design is still incredibly diagrammatic. Hopefully, over the break I will settle the plan and develop the section a bit more in detail.

    The program describes the museum site not only being for the museum itself, but also a revitalization plan to create a museum park. The site it 7 miles south of pittsburgh right on the Monogohela(sorry sp?) and an old Carrie Furnane still remains. Honestly, I am more interested in the the reality of the park than I am the museum. I'll post some initial diagrams that reflect that: from the very beginning I was thinking more in terms of the museum being a component of the park.

    So. We'll see where spring break takes me. I am hoping to make huge strides so that I can get the project up to par with what will be required for the competition.


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