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Sep '06 - Nov '08

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    2 Week Review: Montana Airport

    ichweiB Sep 28 '06 4

    Yesterday, I presented the work accomplished after 2 weeks of developing the Montana airport studio project. The presentation was pretty rough. It was a quick compilation of anything I had, but I tried to put it in some sort of cohesive presentation. Here is essentially what I presented-except for the models. The idea of the airport is that it act as a fence: as a line of separation or barrier but also as a path vector. Essentially I want the "fence" to guide you through the space as a fence in Montana might suggest where you are as a reference. The fence would also lead you to places that might suggest how you'd use them-either to sit, lay, eat, work on a computer, etc... Also, the fence system would become a barrier between public and secure access for the airport. This would be accomplished primarily with the materiality of the fence so that, although passing through the fence physically would be denied, being able to pass through with one's vision and thus one's wonder would be permitted as the public user would be able to take advantage of the space and the surrounding landscape. In this case, the airport could become a public ammenity-placing the "local" up high and able to see his or her surroundings from a different perspective. Going to the airport could become wondrous again-to watch and enjoy, to eat, and "to be". It's necessity wouldn't be a function of travel but also a function of desire or pleasure. Alot of my ideas about space and function have been grately influenced by LTL's Pamphlet Architecture 21 Situation Normal book. I would recommend it.

    I got a comment asking to show these files a bit larger. So, here they are. I guess if you saved them to the desktop then, they can be viewed a lot larger.




    • Danny WillsDanny Wills
      Sep 28, 06 6:52 pm

      400 pixels is such a small width to view pictures.. is there any other way we can see it bigger? it looks very interesting, but i can't see anything!

      Sep 28, 06 10:43 pm


      Sep 29, 06 4:38 pm

      What site are you using?

      Danny WillsDanny Wills
      Sep 29, 06 5:25 pm

      our professor told us the other day, "from here on out, everything you do has to look pretty."

      yours looks very pretty.

      i like the concept, however.. when i come across a fence like that, i pass through it visually but i am also kind of drawn to cross it physically. it is just a couple planks of wood that seperate land from land, with no noticable difference between the two sides, unlike your public/private notion.

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