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    Montana Airport Terminal: Mid Review and Recent Work

    ichweiB Sep 21 '06 0

    Yeah, so we're criting next week in two groups. I am going Wednesday and then people in the other group will go on thursday. Essentially, we just have to have a a plan, section, site plan, and a model. Right now, the model isn't in a finished state. Primarily, it will be something like a diagram or parti that has structure and program worked out to some degree. Bruce Webb is really interested in your theory and ideas about how the space should work more so than how well you can present it. Hopefully, I can been successful in both. Posted is the progress I have made, and I would like to get some work posted that other students have accomplished. The challenge has been evolving the parti into a spatial reality that actually works.


    The 3D Max pictures is really my first attempt at using this type of rendering as a presentation technique. I am still learning how to use materiality, lighting, and cameras, but I am getting the hang of it. The problem is working around lab hour times-and I have a mac which doesn't run Max.


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