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    finally, the pictures

    kellynsee Sep 20 '06 6

    sorry, i'm just starting with this blog thing. :)

    this is how our school is like. believe it or not, this is right in the middle of smelly, busy manila.

    and this is our building, architecture building that is. says a lot right?

    at night. the gateway to our school as they say.

    now that i know how to post pictures.. i'll blog more often as i always have my camera with me. haha. makes no sense



    • Medit
      Sep 20, 06 5:54 pm

      you should type width=415 after the url to avoid cropping images.
      like this:
      [img]url width=415[ /img]

      it's better if you resize the images before uploading them though.. because this 'width=415' thing pixelates or distorts the images a bit

      Sep 20, 06 6:12 pm

      actually, the images should be 400, and as medit says they should be resized before uploading. Kellyn, refer to the instructions/faq for more information.

      Chili Davis
      Sep 20, 06 7:43 pm

      Were you running when took these?

      Sep 21, 06 1:05 am

      archinect: taken note of what you said.

      medit: ok thanks :) i didnt know that before.

      chilidavis: no? why? i guess it looks a bit pixelated because of the resize thing but other than that i think it looks ok

      Chili Davis
      Sep 21, 06 4:07 pm

      They look much better now. Before they had been resized it looked as if you were running past these places and snapping shots. The architecture building looks interesting. Do you have any closer shots?

      Sep 21, 06 10:56 pm

      chili davis: i'll try to look for some here and upload them later.. or take more pictures later :)

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