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    Michael Bellefeuille
    Sep 9, '06 8:40 PM EST

    It's been quite awhile since I've put anything up on here. I had a great summer working for a small office out in Newton and I met this great gal, and now I'm back in school, off to what seems so far to be a very good semester. I decided to post some images here, mostly signs and posters I've done for student government andf other things, but sort of my amateur (and sometimes not very good) graphic design. Some of these I'm more proud of than others, but I figured I'd just throw them up here to contribute and to see if anyone has any feedback.. this is something I'd like to improve on.

    a potential web banner for Wentworth Student Government's recycling campaign

    a 24x36" poster for Wentworth Student Government's recycling campaign

    another 24x36" poster for Wentworth Student Government's recycling campaign

    a potential Wentworth Student Government poster protesting the administrations recent implimentation of increasing draconian (and intentional exaggeration) regulations about drinking and smoking

    photo of harvard yard in january from the cover of my journals for my landscape and site planning course last semester

    cover of my latest contribution for the Archinect cd swap. The theme was "music to design to," which to me is music listened to usually late at night in studio

    and finally...

    no graphic design at all, just a photo I took of my dashboard about 3 1/2 years ago and found recently. It's a road rage deterrent.

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