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    Joe Mar 26 '07 2

    Just before spring break, we had a review.
    We are making a map of phoenix, defining connectors. i feel like i'm connected at the fingertips to my cpu!
    The studio is very interesting. I drive around town now, noticing all of the dirt lots that seem to occur randomly.

    My friend's project is dealing with the old mill at the end of Mill Avenue. Currently there are plans to make it a hotel or residential condos, something like that. It has been a long time coming for some sort of development. Cool building.




    • deluganmeisslfan
      Mar 26, 07 10:25 pm

      Which studio are you in?

      Mar 26, 07 10:33 pm

      I am in the urban catalyst studio with prof Kim Steele. Other studios include Dan Hoffman's urban development studio, John Munier's performing art building studio, Cathrine Spellman's Papago Park studio, Kirby Hoyt's making place studio, and Mark Ryan's design/build New Orleans studio. We got to choose our top three and then the admin placed us. Great experience, thus far!

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