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    School's In For Summer

    colinrichardson Jun 27 '06 4

    "I'm Colin, nice to meet you."- said over and over today.

    Orientation was today, it started at 1, which was nice, no need to wake up early. It reminded me of the open house i went to a few months ago; scheduled but not excessivly organized.

    We were introduced to the 3 faculty members, Christian, Dawn and Juan, who will be teaching us a lot in the next few months. There are ~35 students in the class, more than i'd guessed would be there. It seems like more than half of them have studied art, design or engineering.

    We got to pick our desks, i got one next to a wall, which i think is a plus, but there's only about 30 inches between each pair of back-to-back desks, it's a bit of a crunch.

    The schedule they gave us is a bit cryptic, but it looks like we'll have 3 main projects over the next 6-7 weeks: Model Space, Digital Space, and Paper Space.


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