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    Joe Apr 9 '07 2

    We are real close to our final presentation, yet I feel I have not designed anything this semester. I am beginning to worry. I have ideas for what I want to do, but I am developing a fear of putting pencil to paper. Pretty crazy, I know. We had to design a catalyst that will change the way we use a certain site. My catalyst is designed, but I do not know what I want to do with it. What does this site look like after my catalyst has been installed. Community gathering? Homeless shelter? Talk about wirter's block. I think I could use a productive crit right now! Any takers? I'll post images if you are willing.



    • Mark_M
      Apr 9, 07 7:19 am

      you only have three weeks left. I say you whip put that sketch book and sketch like a mad man. Let all that excess info leak out onto paper to help get your motor rolling. Becaause come pin up day it's only you and that Firing Squad going head to head. I was in that rut about a week ago. It's not smooth sailing but not rough water either.

      Apr 9, 07 3:49 pm

      post away joe!

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