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    Final Review: Pittsburgh Steel Museum...Vienna...

    ichweiB May 8 '07 14

    I have neglected to update this blog and I commend those who were able to in the midst of crazy studio deadlines. Tomorrow is our final review of the work we've done for the Steel Museum competition for Pittsburgh. It will be a "walk through" review open to the school in addition to specific reviewers who will come and speak with us individually about our work.

    Here is the work I'll be presenting tomorrow. Because it was a competition, we weren't required to build a physical model. I felt a little weird about not making one because I have been so conditioned to actually "making architecture" as opposed to producing images in a computer. However, I did learn a lot about 3d Studio Max as it was my first time to use lighting to create the images I did. I'm interested in picking up some new programs that might work differently. Maybe a summer project.

    This summer I'll be helping out with the Summer Discovery at our College for high school students along with working with the two architects in town I have helped. It look likes we're going to do a small site investigation for some housing along with designing a new studio space with live work space to lease as well, and a little project photography. Should be fun.




    • Mark Anthony
      May 8, 07 1:05 am

      I like it, very graphic =)

      Arjun Bhat
      May 8, 07 1:45 am

      i'm glad to see that your first all digital Max project didn't include the ever popular and ever ridiculous "super extreme perspective lens." Nothing screams "take me seriously" like a perspective that renders 10 feet into 10 miles.

      congrats on vienna!

      Phillip CrosbyPhillip Crosby
      May 8, 07 10:21 am

      nice looking work... congrats on the vienna deal... studio with prix should be an experience to say the least... enjoy it...

      also, just because you're not required to build a physical model doesn't mean that you shouldn't... if it helps your design process you should do it anyways...

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      May 8, 07 12:20 pm

      agree with the models. You can always include photographs of it anyway.

      May 8, 07 12:39 pm

      don't get me wrong. I definitely made models through the process, I guess I meant it felt weird not having a final model to build.

      May 8, 07 3:11 pm

      congrats on Vienna,
      Vienna is a great city, great architecture....make sure you visit the Hundertwasser's works!!!

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      May 8, 07 9:19 pm

      can we get links of those in bigger images?
      400 pixel wide shots of boards don't do them justice...

      vado retro
      May 8, 07 10:57 pm

      what are the materials? just kidding

      Dapper Napper
      May 10, 07 3:22 pm

      Great work!!! Accept the no physical model aspect. I did it a few times while at UH. When I did force myself to do one though not required, it was kind of an afterthought and looked as such, but gave quick insight into my ideas and gave the jurors something to play with. I actually sat through one jury in which a classmate got ripped up, down, inside, and out because her model, though beautiful had absolutely nothing to do with her project. Amazing to watch.

      Dapper Napper
      May 10, 07 3:22 pm

      And congrats on Vienna!

      Arjun Bhat
      May 10, 07 4:53 pm

      i don't mind so much about the no physical model aspect - i've done a couple of projects that were purely digital - just sketches, notepad, and 3dmax - and produced some good work. It's all just a matter of preference. If models work for people, fine. If you can think as well in 3d on the computer, thats fine too. physical modeling is assuredly essential in the first years, just to get a grasp on understanding how to think in solids, voides, volumes, etc ... but after, its all fair game.

      May 10, 07 10:51 pm

      isn't that place going to be come a casino?

      Jun 12, 07 4:04 am

      Hi Michael,
      My name is Marianne and I found your page after searching for the summer discovery program at UH. I'm supposed to be working there as well, but have yet to find out any information about it. If you happen to know anything, feel free to send an email to

      Hope this reaches you in time. Thanks!

      Aug 3, 07 7:28 pm

      Hey nice looking project there. Im James Petty, an 5th year undergrad at UH. Ive watched your blog from time to time to see what you grads have been upto. Looks good. Congrats on the Vienna thing. Me and some friends were part of the Italy studio last summer actually went to that school for a day to check it out (and to mainly check out Zaha's studio there). The kids seemed real friendly and the school looked nice. A lot of work everywhere. I'd love to spend some time there but I was accepted into the AA's visiting students programme for the Spring. Good luck with stuff. we gotta make UH look good.

      heres a pic of some of the work from Prix's studio last summer...

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