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Jan '06 - Feb '06

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    a quick introduction to NUS

    hann Jan 8 '06 0

    Greetings. My name's Tan Szue Hann, a fourth year architecture undergrad at NUS. I've been through six semesters in this school (one on exchange at TU Delft), and it's given me much insight into the field of architecture from both east and west (although the tendency is for students to favour methods of the west).

    The school of architecture at NUS does, in fact, encourage the acceptance of western pedagogies. This goes for other departments within the university as well, and perhaps reflects the character of Singapore - a small nation struggling to survive, partly by taking pride in its own (almost derivative) uniqueness in being Asian and Westernised all at once.

    In any case, it's a good geographical position to be in, at the crossroads of two worlds.


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