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Jan '05 - Sep '06

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    I've been known to walk at night where streetlights end and dark begins

    FrankLloydMike Dec 16 '05 0

    well the semester is finally over and as an assignment for my computers in architecture class, I've developed an online portfolio. I hope to keep updating it from time to time, as well as filling in some blank spaces there currently.

    here are some (somewhat random) images too:

    my Nana gave me some old photos of the family farm on Joppa Hill that burnt down about 1941, so I did a quick photoshop job to put a few together

    and after the fire

    and this is just to celebrate that the school year is now half way to summer

    also, the title line is from a song by the native New Hampshire band, Unbunny, who I've just started listening to, but like very much. Another fine product of the Granite State.


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