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    11.08.05 libeskind

    Nkiru Nov 8 '05 2


    On a book tour for his new autobiography/monograph Foundations of Optimism : My Journey from Communist Poland to Rebuilding the World Trade Center, Daniel Libeskind stopped in at the Jewish Community Center of Houston this week for a chat. Rice Dean Lars Lerup served as the interviewer in a strangely James Lipton-esque pairing, complete with a black backdrop and director's chairs.

    Libeskind can speak about his passion for architecture, culture, life, family, cities and not come off precious or showy - he's easy on the archi-babble for sure, but inspiring nonetheless. For a change, it's nice to see an architect who can speak to people other than other architects.


    • WonderK
      Nov 8, 05 1:57 pm

      Did he talk about his condos in KY at all?!? Such a weird project..... I'm going to have some construction photos to post soon enough....

      Dec 13, 05 7:28 am

      Wow, in that second photo Libeskind looks like he's about to tear into the microphone. Look at those Chompers! By the looks of it he's been charmed to the bone by the dashing Lerup. On speaking to non-architects, it's not just a nice change, it's his job!
      Architecture Ambassador Daniel

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