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    photo op

    Doug Johnston Oct 16 '05 13

    i got the photo of us with Daniel libeskind emailed to me today... it makes me want to start a collection of photos of me with starchitects.


    Top left to right: Bill, Paul, Libeskind, Mike, Veronica, Ed, Andy, Brian, Casey. Bottom left to right: me, Maryam, Eric, Yuji, John



    • Hasselhoff
      Oct 16, 05 10:47 pm

      Is he wearing a big bow on his neck?

      Francisco David Boira
      Oct 17, 05 7:26 am

      I have a friend who has started such a photo collection. I believe he wants to curate the set once is substantial enough (which I think it is) and make a comment on the silliness.

      brian buchalski
      Oct 17, 05 5:15 pm

      that carpeting is kinda nice, right?

      Oct 17, 05 5:41 pm

      i'm a beefcake! why didn't someone tell me i had brown stuff all over my ass. . .

      vado retro
      Oct 17, 05 8:52 pm

      whats with the red pants??? very gallagher man

      Oct 17, 05 11:51 pm

      those are salmon colored...I also own a pair.

      liberty bell
      Oct 18, 05 11:02 am

      I only see one drink in a hand...what's up with that?!

      Oct 18, 05 3:14 pm

      my flask was in my pocket. . .

      Oct 18, 05 9:20 pm

      Something seems wrong here...only a couple of you are wearing black. Please learn from Libeskind's visit.

      liberty bell
      Oct 18, 05 10:55 pm

      I think what you see here are Cranbrook students wearing their "nice" clothes, i.e., their only clothes that aren't thoroughly disreputable due to spatterings of welding soot/plaster/wood glue/resin.

      The red trousers, though...

      brian buchalski
      Oct 19, 05 12:08 am

      forget the's the carpet!

      Oct 21, 05 7:44 pm

      you can't tell, but bill is actually pinching daniel's ass.

      Sean Goodrick
      Oct 26, 05 9:13 am

      is that an actual wine glass in Bill's hand!?! Don't tell me he's given up on his old friend Jack

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