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    Nkiru Sep 3 '05 1

    The walls and halls are filling up: here are some images from studios and pinups so far.

    first pin up with visiting professors Julien De Smedt and Bjarke Ingels from the Danish firm plot. check em out at

    getting moved in at Professor Will Cannady's studio

    award-winning rice building workshop at the brand-spanking new slab (it's almost ready to begin steel framing). read more about rice building workshop here

    Also: We've received some questions as to whether Rice is going to open its doors to Tulane students, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Every student I've talked to would be happy to accomodate any displaced students from Tulane. We've got spare rooms and air matresses at our apartments and extra clothes, etc. etc. Unfortunately it's not all upto the students here, but if we hear anything we'll post it.


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