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    drs Jul 9 '05 2

    Yeah, completely unrelated to architecture, but my link of the moment is an insight into London pirate radio, which is renowned but often difficult to experience.

    To shift the balance, some concrete bizness from India; enjoy...

    The awesome staircase at Corbusier's 'Secretariat' building. The wooden shuttering is blatantly apparent. Of course you can see this in the UK too - the odd impression of knotwork on a lazily cast beam - but seldom with such drama.

    That Secretariat's roof is seriously hammered. Don't believe the hype, when you see smooth surfaces and ample shrubbery - this supposed model of rooftop living is in need of serious attention.

    Back over to the Rock Garden, and the techniques are unique. These walls are made from piled sacks of concrete pierced with rebar. The concrete hardens and, with time, the sack disintegrates to leave a textured and pillowed appearance.

    The Rock Garden's follies can be beautiful affairs. This one works on several levels, and in different manners depending on which side you approach it. Here we're looking at the top level, with a pathway along the parpet, and an inaccessible open facade. Designs are drawn into the concrete as it sets.


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