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    drs Jun 17 '05 6

    Just spent my first three enlightening weeks in an architecture practice. Great stuff.
    Also been working at the bookshop, which adds up to seven days a week.
    Bought a new beast of a computer, to help us finish the QTVR.
    Architecture Week has begun in the UK - many events to check.

    And the reason why I decided to rush out a little blog entry today:
    Been casting (with a lot of help) a one metre concrete arrow, which will point north in a gallery show starting on Tuesday.



    • AP
      Jun 17, 05 5:28 pm

      i would love to see an image of it once it is installed in the gallery.

      Jun 17, 05 5:29 pm

      Cheers man. Check back on Tuesday...

      Jun 20, 05 5:02 am

      looking good!
      liking that a lot

      David Cuthbert
      Jun 20, 05 8:14 am

      Darn, I thought it was a piece of landscape art - stuck in the ground. Nonetheless looking forward to seeing more.

      more talk on the beast

      Jun 20, 05 5:11 pm

      T (and anybody else): Launch tomorrow night at imiTATE gallery, Longsight, Manchester, 6pm until 9pm.

      T: When does your show finish? Was hoping to check it out Wednesday. Where is it?

      Jun 21, 05 9:20 am

      im going to be there on weds if you want to check it out
      its only open during the day at the mo though
      will be there from 10 if youre around

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