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    George Showman Apr 18 '05 0

    This is a quick one, because I have slightly less than one week until my final review.

    I just wanted to throw in a link to Terra-Nova here, both because I think everybody with any interest in virtual space and virtual communities should read it, but also because there's an entry that is particularly relevant to my studio project:

    That's it for now. My virtual fog over L.A., complete with chunks of narrative flotsam that wash up on the beach and circulate through the populace, is still in the works. I will try to post images throughout this week as I produce them, as a way to push myself.


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I did an M.Arch. I at the GSAPP between 2002 and 2005. I started this blog only in my final semester, when I had Ed Keller as my studio critic.

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