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    drs Apr 2 '05 0

    Well, I'm still a little too shell-shocked by my experiences of India to write a detailed summary. It must be said, however, that we've had a very productive time. We shot about fifty panoramas, cut a great number of sections through architectural features of the park and finished documenting the thousands of sculptures. We also explored Chandigarh and many ancient works of architecture such as Humanyun's Tomb, Qtab Minar and the Red Fort. No Taj Mahal, I'm afraid, because that would've been a whole day's expedition, and quite a tourist trap.

    Now staying for a few days in Dubai with friends who teach here. It's an incredible place, with its rate of building, general contrasts with Delhi, and insane deserts which we've been driving in. I don't quite know what to make of the place. Lots of awful architecture but I can learn a lot here.

    Will post up some panoramas soon, and a heap of images. Have taken about 2000 since I left.


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