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    Bartlett T-shirts

    Chris Daniel Apr 2 '05 0

    While I'm on this site, there's something else I've been meaning to post for a while...

    Ages ago, way back when I had time to think, i.e. 2004, I thought I'd work up some Bartlett T-shirts. Anyone who knows the school will get where I'm coming from with the prison theme, I'm sure. There's even a space to write in your unit number on some of them.

    Here's the link:
    (The image above is from that website)

    They're on an American website, but with the current strength of the £ agains the $ it's actually pretty cheap (even including postage to the UK, it's less than £15 a t-shirt).

    Anyway, let me know if you like 'em. I'd be great to see someone wandering around Wates house in one.

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