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    OpenOffice for Architects

    Derek Lindner Feb 19 '05 3

    I'm trying out OpenOffice, an open source MS Office suite replacement, for all my word processing and spreadsheet needs this semester. Though I haven't had opportunity to use OO extensively, so far it's working out.

    In fact, it is completely exceeding my expectations at the moment.
    Either the programmer(s) behind the autocomplete feature's built-in dictionary are architecture buffs, or they have perfected the direct mind link interface for the application. Consider the following suggestions made by OO's autocomplete feature, offered as its best guess for the given text:

    cor -> Corbusier
    rie -> Rietveld
    doe -> Doesburg
    sch -> Schräder

    Note that this was for the first, not subsequent instances, of each word, so OO isn't simply scanning back through the document to find matches. I'm floored. I'd hardly be surprised if I typed in a good intro sentence and OO autocompleted an entire 800-word essay on 16 Points of Plastic Architecture.



    • vado retro
      Feb 19, 05 10:23 am

      sounds as if your only challenge will be writing the good intro sentence.

      Steve FuchsSteve Fuchs
      Feb 21, 05 12:23 am

      Or... finding your place in a CURRENT architectural trajectory :p

      Derek Lindner
      Feb 21, 05 10:30 am

      It so happens that the assignment for this paper was to write about Rietveld, van Doesburg, and Corb, so the program's behavior is all the more eerie.

      I'm always looking for a current trajectory. I haven't yet had tried enough combos see if it will spit out suggestions like

      mor -> morphogenesis
      mat -> materiality
      chr -> chronotope


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