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    Chris Daniel Jan 26 '05 1

    Just got back from a meeting at a structural engineers' office. Now that the Bartlett expect us to actually comply with Building Regulations, it's nice to see that they've got some specialists involved to help us do so.

    Rutger at Michael Hadi Associates gave me over an hour of time to help me work through the various options for burying my entire design under a metre of earth. I hope he found it refreshing t spend a little time away from his normal projects. What a nice bloke.

    When I get the time, I'll actually put up a post explaining my unit (22, a new one spawned from 18) and my project (see the photos linked to the last post). Right now, I've got to call lots of concrete companies and get them to send me all their CAD details so I don't have to go making them up.

    In academia, it's called PLAGARISM.
    In architecture, it's just PRECEDENT.


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    • siggers
      Feb 1, 05 4:49 am

      Good to see a blog from a fellow British architecture student, very interesting to hear about the building regs compliance, I always heard that the Bartlett were mostly "airy-fairy" but that's tougher than up here at Strathclyde 4th yr.

      Lol @ the PRECEDENT - spot on


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