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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    Many pictures today! >>> Relation and Forms Seminar

    Gabriel Duarte Oct 19 '04 0

    Today I had the chance to document several parts of your daily life with my camera.
    Some of them I took in a sort of 'hideous' way...not to embarass myself and the others when they could eventually ask: "-What are these pics for?"
    The ones below were taken during our weekly philosophy and theory seminar - 'Relations and Form'.
    It's a free-choice course shared by both PhD and MSc students.
    We're currently studying Deleuze's writings on Kant and it involves a lot of ' a priori' and 'a posteriori' quotations (I alsways think of the GSD's posts on how the expression 'a priori' is quite fashionable there).
    The professor guiding this seminar is Patrick Healy, an Irish philosopher from the theory department here. It's unbelievable how much he knows while being one of the most friendly and open professors we have here.




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