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    Professional Practice Class

    Stewart Hicks Sep 22 '04 3

    I would like to take a moment to praise Robert Hillier of the Hillier Group who sets aside Monday mornings to teach the professional practice class. This is a mandatory class that focuses on working within a firm but with the additional radiance of Bob's personality. He offers countless anecdotes and witticisms that make the class an enjoyable experience. I'm not one who is easily intrigued by the professional world but I'm learning a lot from the class.


    • Paul PetruniaPaul Petrunia
      Sep 22, 04 3:13 pm

      Sounds like a valuable seminar that all schools should offer. Schools need to address the huge disconnect that exists between the academic and professional sides of architecture.

      Mason White
      Sep 22, 04 5:19 pm

      Mack Scogin used to teach it at Harvard .. and students really seemed to get a lot out of it and enjoy it at the same time. There is so much potential for these classes (pro-practice, construction, etc.), but professors typically see it as a lesser course since it is not theory or studio.

      Stewart Hicks
      Sep 22, 04 6:37 pm

      The great thing about Bob is that he went to Princeton, understands the mindset of the typical student and really tailors the class to someone looking at the profession through a overly critical lens without being condiscending. He also offers a class in the winter on how to start your own firm.

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