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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    Why do they have to be 'weird' in everything?!

    Gabriel Duarte Sep 21 '04 1

    Just a quick testimonial of cultural integration within Dutch culture...
    If it wasn´t strange enough for them to live 6 meters under sea-level and be in a constant state of fear of a collapse of the dykes system (thanks God no one´s had the idea of hijacking a ship an hitting them), Chritsmas here is kind of different from most of the western world.
    A summary:
    .Santa Claus (Sinter Klaas) is thin;
    .he dresses like a priest;
    .he comes from SPAIN;
    .in a BOAT!;
    .he walks around on a horse;
    .his helpers are small black guys, which have been legally forbidden to be pictured as black in an state effort to reduce prejudice;
    .if you´re a bad boy your punishment is not only staying out of Sinter Klaas´´ll be taken to Spain inside a potato bag and will become one of his slaves!!!
    .finally...he comes on December FIVE!!!!!!
    .before someone asks...Dutch kids receive gifts on both 5 and 25 of December.




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