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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    Architecture Building Features 2 >>> GRADUATE STUDIOS

    Gabriel Duarte Sep 9 '04 1

    These are the studios reserved for 2nd-year Urban Design students in the building.
    Basically, we have two different environments througout the 2nd year, one for the 1st and the other for the 2nd semester.
    In the 1st semester, groups of around 10 students from the same research lab share a common unity (picture below)


    Then, in the 2nd semester we´re moved to individual units where we have our own university computers and drafting space (picture below).


    We also have our own A4 printers and coffee/snacks supplied by the univ. We can also relax while admiring the activity in the undergraduate architecture studios from above. The Urban Design Studios are in a sort of closed balcony (pictures below).




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